Grandma's Flower

Grandma has always been a cleaner. After dinner was all done, Grandma would only stop cleaning at the family's insistence that she come sit in the living room with everyone else. Sweeping was her compulsory cleaning habit. I swear she would sweep even when I couldn't find a speck of dirt on the floor. Now, on a good day, she wonders aimlessly around the kitchen with the broom in her hand. A shell of her former self. 

This plastic flower is in a white milk vase on Grandma's kitchen windowsill. It's been there for a really long time. As I took a photo, I noticed the cobwebs floating about the yellow petals. I reached to clean it up a bit and then decided to leave it be. I took a photo anyway, to illustrate the difference between who grandma was and who she is now. Before the Alzheimer's, she would have never let cobwebs form. 


  1. Katie, your photo truly captures the essence of Alzheimer's.

  2. This is such a touching post. I can only imagine how sad the experience is. But, at least you have good memories of her. While she is slowly losing the person she once was, at least you and your family are there for tough as it is to do so.
    Wishing you the best,

  3. All my best wishes.

  4. Very beautiful. Wish you all the best. This disease touches so many. Treasure the moments you have had.

  5. Thanks, @Ann Martin! I really appreciate that. I appreciate everyone's thoughts! Thank you.


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