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If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see what my I-slept-in-a-bun-hair looks like. I always like to see other people's behind-the-scenes photos, don't you?

This site turns on the waterworks: I Believe In Strangers.

Some people kill me with their ingenuity: gift wrap from a plastic bottle!?

I want to make this shirt.  This is not my usual style but I want to give it a go. Plus I can swing it if I find some stellar fabric.

A Letter To The Guy That Harassed Me Outside The Bar : Yes! We need some guys reading articles like this so they can understand the culture of fear women live in.


  1. Thanks for recommending "I believe in Strangers." I stopped by and watched the flash mob video I sobbed and at the same time was super inspired.

  2. haha I loved this photo of you on Instagram. I've so done that where I slept with my hair up and looked a little wild when I woke up. =)

  3. Great finds, and I love your blog! Fyi the link to the Mormorsglamour blog is broken (seems to have the url twice in it). :)

  4. Thank you, Virbana! And thank you for the heads up!


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