DIY: Wire Tea Light Holder

Playing with wire is a lot of fun. I usually just use wire in jewelry-making but I decided to try something new. I made this little bird-nesty tealight holder. Actually, it doesn't hold anything, it just fancies up a tealight. "Tealight fancy-er" :)

Supplies: Wire (18 gauge, really thick!), tea light, spray paint, pliers & wire cutters (or a 3-in-1 jewelry tool) 

Step 1: Use the tea light to shape a circle slightly bigger than the tea light, which will be the base of your holder. 
Step 2: Hold the wire circle with pliers and with the other hand, wrap around several times. If you find a cylindrical object that gives the right size, that would be amazing and make this go very quickly.

Step 3: Wrap as many times as you want. Play with it, pull the wires up and out, whatever you want. You can always put it back the way you had it. I almost stopped here because I really like the messy look on the right. But I decided to dress it up a bit more.
As you can see, I flattened my wire a bit, squishing it all together.
Step 4: Cut a little piece of wire, form a hook and wrap it around your wire circle. You will need to use the pliers to hold the hook in place while you wrap. 
Step 5: Repeat Step 4 as many times as you want. I ended up with two hook wraps (I just made that term up, so start spreading it. ;) ). 
Step 6: Spray paint! 

I would love to do a pillar candle! But that would take a ton of wire. I think these could have a nice impact if you made a bunch for a party tablescape. This one did not take long at all but if I had to make tons, I would find an object to form the shape. That would make wrapping the wire much faster. 

Also, how cute would it be to glue a little bird or egg onto the side? Yeah, I know, cute.


  1. Very cute :)
    Do you recommend a particular tool or tools for wire-working? I'd like to play around with making more stitch markers, but the one time I did it at a bead shop, they had a variety of plier-type tools, and I don't want to make a big investment in lots of tools. Thanks for any advice!

  2. @Quinn- you can get the most bang for your buck by purchasing a 3-in-1 jewelry tool. It has needle nose pliers on the end for bending, a round part for wrapping and wire cutters. No need to be expensive. I bought a cheapo one and it lasted for a couple of years.


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