Craft Obsession: White Washi Tape

I have a few new craft supply obsessions. One of my current go-to craft supplies is this white washi tape. I cannot tell you how often it is exactly what a project needs. I mostly use it instead of using plain Scotch tape. So many projects need a little adhesive but plain tape is unattractive. White washi tape to save the day! It's cute but not a show-stealer.

*No one is paying me to post this. I genuinely love this product. I did receive the product as compensation for another blogging gig I have but no one told me I have to love it. ;)*


  1. Isn't it funny how the simplest things can spur an obsession??!! I've yet to try washi tape (how is that possible)??!! But, I know I'd be addicted too.

  2. Truly obsession!!! 80% world will agree…The tapes get noticed every moment throughout the year but how to get into the DIY action is always a wondering. Cool and smart ideas experimented with the tapes!!! Cross color combination will add a variety of looks to the art.
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