VERY Last Minute Gift! Printable Calendar

Okay, I have the best idea for a last-minute gift. I mean, you can make this gift with just minutes to spare and it is still thoughtful, useful and cute! Read on to see how it's done. 
I printed one of Life N' Reflection's 2013 Retro Calendars. There are four calendars in the download so you get four gifts! (Actually more than four, print as much as you want!). I used Photoshop to slip some photos in the frames, added some text and voila!

I used one printout to decorate my husband's gift. I went simple with the wrapping because he just rips it off anyway, ha! But he did pause to say, "Ooo, cute wrapping." He knows I like to hear that. 
I have two other ideas for making this a quick gift. Add some cardstock and yarn to make a hanging calendar (oh, you could do a similar idea but add magnets to the back! Fridge calendar - perfect). The printable are 5x7 so they are perfect to slip into a frame. 

You probably don't even need to leave your house to make these gifts! Cool, huh? Are you all done shopping for/making gifts?

*PS: Something is wrong with my printer alignment so please ignore the lines going through the calendar - that is not part of the design, haha!


  1. I love all the options you have shared for displaying and giving the calendars! It looks like you're running low on ink too - LOL
    I think our Christmas crafting is taking it's toll.

  2. So cute. I did some last minute gifts today.
    I have a few other gifts I need to do though, for parties later this week. These would be great!

  3. oh super cute thank u for the idea! i will be making this for myself to hang at work : )


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