Spread the cheer.

My favorite blogger, Aunt Peaches, recently wrote about sending cards and making handmade cards. Now I LOVE to make cards but I don't often send them (I know, what's wrong with me?). So I have the perfect thing to solve that problem. Peaches wrote about an elderly couple that could use some holiday cheer this year.
Mrs. Greene's grandmother, Betty, has cancer and this will most likely be her last Christmas. The family is devastated by the recent news and of course, their holidays seem a lot less happy and carefree this year. 

SO. Let's send Ed and Betty a bit of love, shall we? I really enjoy doing things like this. I can't imagine the pain they are in and I think we could make a few moments of their holidays a little happier. Send your card to: 

Ed and Betty Vogel
425 E. Coleman Rd.Clare, MI 48617

It will just take a bit of your time and maybe bring some cheer! 


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