Recap: Thanksgiving Decor

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my husband's aunt & uncle's house (Can I say aunt-in-law? :) ). She is a really creative person with an eye for interior decorating. She decorated two tables for Thanksgiving dinner. One was in the formal dining room and the other was in the kitchen-eating area. 
The white and off-white decor was in the formal dining room. I love the feeling of winter wonderland. I wish I had gotten a good shot of the whole table because it was unique and elaborate. Aren't those flower arrangements sweet? I think this would work really well for a Christmas table, too.
These red Gerber daisies were on the casual table in the kitchen. I LOVE that centerpiece. I think the daisies + pinecones + mason jar = success! As much as I enjoyed the elegant table, this centerpiece was calling my name.

Isn't my aunt-in-law clever? Do you guys go all out for Thanksgiving and Christmas table decor?


  1. What beautiful tables! How nice to be invited to such a special place on Thanksgiving.

  2. What a beautiful setting. I love how the table was decorated. I haven't had the honor (or stress) of hosting...but I'm sure that's coming soon. I would totally decorate out the home AND the table! Tastefully of course...haha...

  3. Your aunt-in-law did such a fabulous job! I love all the little birds. I'm a bit obsessed with birds. I have binoculars near my kitchen window so I can spy on the ones that visit our birdfeeder.


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