Feature: Aunt Peaches

If you've been around these parts for awhile, you know of my undying love for Aunt Peaches. She is my favorite blogger. I am inspired by her genius crafty skills and her genuine compassion for people. She's the perfect combo. Ok, maybe I have a crush on Aunt Peaches - don't tease!

Peaches uses lots of recycled materials in her projects. She perfectly marries function and whimsy. I envy her talent to produce projects full of personality! She also creates projects that you can make even if you aren't a crafty goddess! They are achievable, the best kind of project. I know, because I made those fiesta flowers for a baby shower. :)

Most importantly, Peaches has heart (examples here, here and here). There are honestly days I think, "I want to be like Aunt Peaches when I grow up." Isn't it crazy that I can feel that way about someone I don't know? Blogging is great like that. 

Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Aunt Peaches! You are great and I hope your loved ones remind you of that regularly. :)


  1. That is her real living room? it looks to festive and fun I thought it was photoshopped in. REALLY love the brightness it adds! oh wait... i see her post? i guess it's for cinco de mayo but i'd tot love that all year long! what great crafts she does, thanks for sharing!


    I am so touched! And flattered! And tickled! And, and....wow. Thank you. This just made my day :)

    Wow. It's Christmas already!

  3. Aw, I'm glad, Peaches. You deserve a shout-out!

  4. Aunt Peaches is my favorite also! That was her old living room. She has a slightly more formal living room now.

  5. Wow!! What an amazing blog. I just adore her paper flowers. I had a huge pink paper flower when I was a kid and these remind me of that. :)


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