DIY: Wreath Napkin Ring Tutorial

It will just be me and my husband for Christmas but I'm going to set a fancy table anyway! Why not, right? I'm currently enamored with napkin rings so this could be the first of several napkin ring tutorials, ha! 

Supplies: Two different sized circle craft punches (or scissors), a small star craft punch, adhesive, Mister Huey's Misting Spray in gold, scrap paper

Step 1: Cut out the smaller of your two circles.
Step 2: This is an important trick to a perfect wreath. Place the larger circle punch over the circle hole in the scrap paper. Punch out your wreath. (If you try to punch a big circle and then use your smaller punch within that, it is difficult to get a perfectly shaped wreath.)
Step 3: Adhere stars all along your wreath. I cut these stars with my Silhouette Cameo but a star craft punch would be great.
Step 4: Mist the wreath with gold misting spray.
Step 5: Cut a strip of scrap paper and adhere it to your wreath to create a ring.
Voila! You are done.
We don't actually have any fancy dishes/tableware so this could be an interesting 'fancy table.' Maybe I'll post a picture of what is sure to be a hod-podge collection of dishes. But my Papaw did give me these napkins (and coordinating salt/pepper shakers) last Christmas. He picked them out all by himself! Read: BIG deal. Even though they aren't exactly my style, I love them because he stepped out of his comfort zone to get them because he loves me. :)


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