DIY Gift: Backscratch Coupons

I think I might be queen of last-minute gifts. I am the type of crafter who likes quick but satisfying results. This gift is just that and it's perfect for the family member who loves backscratches. Read on - you can whip this up in no time!
I picked up this wooden back scratcher at the dollar store. My husband loves back scratches and rubs. I don't know if I will actually use the scratcher but it was just a cute representation of my willingness to give scratches and rubs. Even if I don't feel like doing it, he can redeem a ticket, haha!
I used a vintage ticket image from the Graphics Fairy and made a page of tickets with a blank space so you can write in how many minutes you are willing to donate towards the gift. There are a lot of 5 minute ones in my batch, ha! 

Here ya go - download the printable page of tickets to knock out this easy gift! There are 8 tickets on the page - 4 backscratches and 4 scratch & rub. Have fun!


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