Obsession: Gift Tags

Who says you have to stick to red & green for Christmas tags? I always mix it up. This little tags are really fun and easy to make. If you want a quick and satisfying project, this is it!
My formula is: base paper, complementary paper on lower third of the base, washi tape to pull it all together and one or two embellishments. That's it! A recipe for success.
I've had a tag obsession for a long time now. I LOVE tags. I don't even have enough gifts to accommodate my tag love. But I keep making them anyway, ha!
My favorite tag in this bunch is the yellow & peach one. I used a craft punch to punch out a heart in the top corner and then backed it with a coordinating paper. And how about that baby pinwheel!?
If you love patterns, color and paper - make a ton of tags. It's like a stress reliever. So, what's your latest crafty/DIY obsession?


  1. i totally agree about the colours! and i love the background you photographed those on katie!


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