National Adoption Day: Wishing Trees

If you've been around this week, you know that I'm preparing for a National Adoption Day celebration with the county and some of our adoptive families. There are three families having their final court hearing for their adoptions. I made these wishing trees for the front table. I hope everyone leaves a wish or thoughtful message for the families. 

The photos are pretty self-explanatory and I'm sure you've all made a similar arrangement before. But I will give a brief overview. 

Step 1: Place half your stones in the vase.
Step 2: Insert your twigs/branches and arrange.
Step 3: Place the rest of your stones around the twigs to steady them where you want them to stay.
Step 4: Hang blank notecards or cut-out leaves for the well-wishes.
That's it! It's very easy to do, perfect for a fall theme and pretty cute.


  1. These are so simple and yet so lovely! Well done x

  2. that's really sweet. my husband and i are hoping to adopt someday…this warms my heart. : )


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