National Adoption Day: Centerpieces

National Adoption Day is this week. I'm helping with the county's celebration. I'm working on two small centerpieces for each table. This is the basis of the centerpiece. I love the color combo but I have to add orange, as it is the main color of the foster/adopt team. Keep reading to cast your vote for how to add orange!

I'm trying to use things we've already bought or that are left over from last year. The ornament balls are from the Dollar Tree, as are the jars (in the candle holder aisle). I can't remember where the little gold sprig came from but this year I am using a mix of little sprays from the Dollar Tree. The orange leaf is also from the Dollar Tree. The orange tulle ribbon is leftover from last year. The whole thing costs about $1.20. Pretty good, huh?

I'm kind of sold on option 3. What do you think?


  1. How about an actual orange, or tangerine/clementine/satsuma, rather?

  2. I think that a combination of 1 and 3 would be really pretty to get some different shades/tones in there!


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