Election 2012

Given this monumental occasion (for my American readers), I could not resist using my new Cricut Mini to create Obama and Romney paper puppets. Click 'read more' to see the details.

I have to be honest, I got a little lazy with their suits, ties and Mitt's white streaks. I cut those by hand because my Cricut messed up a cut. Instead of cutting again, I just did it myself so I could use up some tiny scraps. I think it looks okay and I especially like Mitt's tie, don't you? :)
This is a free file that Cricut has up right now if you are using the Cricut Craft Room to create cuts. I am reviewing the Cricut Mini later this week so stay tuned for details (and a giveaway!!!). 
I am all up in the election this year. I have opinions, people. I feel like a real adult. I was still in school during the last election so I didn't pay the amount of taxes I pay now. And I was apathetic about government in general. But now I am a local government employee. So this time around, things are different for me. It's been interesting learning about the issues that affect me plus the issues that we should all care about. But I will be glad for this election hype to be over. How about you?


  1. Adorable! I would love to see the other candidates as well. :)


  2. I like Mitt's tie and yes I am ready for the election to conclude! I know at the highschool where I teach they had English classes writing speeches for the candidates. These would have been great to have for that class! So creative!

  3. love this post. I have wanted to get a Cricut so I will totally enter your giveaway! =)
    I'm very much into this election. I voted in 2008 and it was incredible the amount of surge there was then (for either side). I will be glad to have the hype over as well...but it's definitely a nerve wrecking night for sure!

  4. that is hilarious and adorable! someone should commission your for election party next time around and give you maybe like 1 of the millions they spend on campaigning... oh wait, that rant is already on my blog so i'll stop it here haha. & BTW is there public transport from Denver to Boulder? If we end up going we'd get J's free flight in : )


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