DIY: Dyed Socks

Awhile back, I got a great deal on white dress socks at Target ($2.70 for 6 pairs!). I decided to try my hand at dyeing them. Click 'read more' to see the steps. Also- as we head into the holidays, I will be marking DIY gift ideas with that cute little lightbulb icon so be on the lookout!

I followed the instructions on the RIT dye bottle to mix my dye bath. I used the same setup I used to dye Halloween treat bags. Lined the bathtub with trash bags, dyed in a rubbermaid container and dried on a cookie rack. For the purple pairs, I completely submerged them in the dye bath and left them for awhile.
For the green pair, I wanted to see if I could get a mottled look, where the dye would be uneven. So I used a strong mixture of mostly dye and a little water and applied it with a spray bottle. I rinsed the socks pretty quickly so they would be a light green. 
Voila! You should try it! Socks are an easy way to jump in the world of dyeing. The whole process of dyeing anything is a little messy but it's actually pretty easy and painless. 
And this is me rolling a pair of socks up in a neat little bun to give as a gift. :)

Have you tried dyeing fabric? What was your experience like?


  1. Cute! I love making my own things... :)

  2. What a cute easy idea!! Love how you got such an awesome deal on socks and turned them a bit more fun: ) & love the subtle colors you chose- def could totally wear on any occasion, w/ pants or the sock/sandal/boots thing. Super cute idea w/ the "gift light bulb" too, geeze you are just too creative!!

  3. Oh thank you for the post! I like some colors but I have not seen it in store yet! Maybe creating it myself will be fun ^^
    png down


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