Currently Crafting: Swag Bag Goodies

As you know, I hung out with some great ladies at a blogger meetup this weekend. I contributed a little pack of paper crafting goods to the swag bag that each blogger took home. I LOVED putting these together - this sort of thing is right up my alley. Click 'read more' to see the details.

This was one of the surprises behind the massive amounts of pinwheels I made last week. Each bag had two pinwheels. Plus lots of other things. I made a few things - tags, circle cut-outs, 'you are my sunshine' quote pages and some other shapes. I also included random bits - Smash journal pages, little stickers, wood cut-outs, ribbon and shipping tags.

I put the whole thing in little clear bags and created simple bag toppers out of cardstock and washi tape. This was really fun. I hope the bloggers enjoyed their bags. I think my favorite 'you are my sunshine' pages were the ones cut out of the yellow flower paper.

What do you think?


  1. I loved this! My little bag of paper goodies is so cute and just what I need for some Smashing! I love collecting fun little things :)

  2. I loved it, too!! A little bag of awesome.

    xo lizzy


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