DIY Roundup: Copper

Copper is the perfect fall metal. I love a good copper hue. Especially a pretty hammered copper. I usually think of copper in terms of fancy kitchens but guess what? You can DIY copper into lots of places in your wardrobe and home. A long, long time ago, (when I first started the blog!), I made this copper industrial earrings. You can see how far I've come from that tutorial! 

Okay, here are some of my fave copper projects.

I'll take some fancy hammered copper jewelry, please. Or hardware store jewelry. Either way, these options look great. Plus I'm easy to please when it comes to adding to my extensive costume jewelry collection.

I think copper gifts look extra-fancy and special. Here are some of my favorite little copper projects that would make great gifts. 

There are some swanky copper home decor projects out there. It really has me thinking about how I can copperize my house. I mean, look at that copper curtain rod!!


  1. I had no idea there were so many DIY copper tutorials out there. I really like the copper dipped flatware. Jess


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