DIY: Halloween Treat Bags

I love this craft. I only used things I already had in the house, which is always great. And it perfectly balances that creepy Halloween factor with cuteness. I can't handle too much creepy because I'm already paranoid that something creepy will attack me in the dark. But enough about my emotional handicaps, right? ;)

I used Rit Dye + water in a spray bottle, taped some medical gauze to a trash bag and randomly sprayed it. I didn't want it to look perfectly even, but kind of mottled. I also used a trash bag and towel on the floor below the spraying set-up so I didn't get any dye on the floor. I dried the gauze on a cookie rack on top of a trash bag. Lots of trash bags were sacrificed in the making of this craft. (Totally worth it because this stuff WILL dye your carpet, hands, clothes, etc.).
I cut a piece of gauze in half, which fit three pieces of candy when wrapped up. I also chopped away at the top of my gauze bundle to give it a jagged edge. I don't know why, but gauze seems creepy and Halloween-y to me. Especially when jagged and green. I guess it seems reminiscent of a flesh-eating bacteria or something. (Ewww.) Do you think so or is it just me?


  1. they look great! and super easy to make, too.

  2. Wow. Cute! I have access to a lot of gauze pads as a nurse! Look so easy!


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