Autumn Explorations: Week Seven

More photos from Brainard Lake (Colorado). I always struggle with editing nature photos because part of me wants to be true to the actual colors I saw in real life and the other part of me wants to make it whimsical and over-exposed. 
How cool is this fairy house? That's what I imagine it to be, anyway. I imagine little fairies fly into their home through this enchanting, moss-covered opening. The truth is some animal that probably bites lives in there. But I'll think of fairies instead. :)


  1. you take such beautiful pictures! Fairy house is a cute idea. :)

  2. Fairies but really a dangerous animal! that gave me a little laugh. these photos are so beautiful! and i like the way you combined the first three, they really flow together despite being separate parts. Do you do that w/ photoshop? i always am so awful w/ it i use powerpoint 1st then paste into pshop haha. anyway, hope the time at the lake was lovely and glad you're enjoying beautiful fall over there!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Dus, I do use Photoshop. LOVE it! Big learning curve but totally worth it.


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