Autumn Explorations: Week Five

I'm back with the weekly feature of my Autumn adventures! This past week was my birthday weekend so M and I went on a hike to Brainard Lake (in CO). It took about 45 minutes to drive there and the hike was really easy with amazing views. Exactly my style, haha. All the reward with little work. Although, we did lose cell phone service most of the way there and we did not have directions printed out which created tension in the car. But we meandered through a tiny mountain town that has a marshal, you guys. Like, the only law enforcement there is the town marshal. Old west style, right?
 Isn't that field stunning? I love the way the landscape gets taller and taller until it fades into the mountain. And all of the fall colors in juxtaposition like that? Breathtaking.
This is the path we hiked. See how easy it looks? It's pretty flat and there's not much elevation gain.

Okay, we have to talk about how close this bird flew to me. I was standing by this stump (which was taller than me, thus the angle) and this bird flew right to me. I creeped the camera up in a very ninja fashion and snapped a few quick shots, catching one right as he flew off!
I was thrilled that my camera settings were actually pretty good for this shot. Otherwise, I would have missed it. How cool right?! I am still excited about these shots, haha.

I have so many beautiful photos from this hike - I think it will take three installments of this series to cover them all. So pop by next Monday for more photos!


  1. Katie your photos are stunning!!! :D

  2. WOW!The photos are gorgeous!!
    Happy month!

  3. Happy belated birthday! These fotos are amazing, they could be from an episode of Bonanza, haha!

  4. "in ninja fashion" haha I loved that! these pictures are amazing but I especially love the second one, you should frame that! I would frame it.Did I wish you a happy birthday? i think i did but i'm a bit scatterbrained lately. anyway, i hope this is a wonderful year for you! any big plans/goals?


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