Autumn Explorations: Week Eight

If you followed along for the Spring Bike Ride series, you may recognize this path. We rode this path so much in the spring and summer. Isn't it beautiful? It nicely melds the feelings of city and rural.
It's crazy how winter and fall are colliding around here. Check out the snow on the ground while everything else looks so 'fall'. 

Ok, the following images stopped me in my tracks. This house always has crazy stuff going on in the yard. How awesome is this? 
Happy Halloween, try not to pee yourself!


  1. Amazing photos. And amazing decoration!

  2. aaah fall looks so amazing over there, I've really been considering moving to Colorado in a few years these past few days... although that makes no sense because it'll all depend on jobs. I must be thinking of you & Hannah's beautiful photos! anyway these are amazing & I def didnt recognize the trail w/ the fall colors. those ppl must be funny to put up those decorations! hope you enjoy halloween tomorrow!


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