Tools & Technique: Cricut

I have a Cricut, which is a personal cutting machine. It cuts paper, vinyl, fabric, chipboard...I love using the Cricut. The two things I don't like about it - frequent blade replacement and it doesn't handle tiny precision cutting very well. But it is a super fun crafting tool. 

If you have software to use with your Cricut or cutting machine, you can cut anything you want! It is easiest to use an SVG file. You can find lots of resources for SVGs on my Pinterest board.

Great Cricut resources: matching cartridges to your machine, lots of Cricut tips,  resticking your matmore general tips,  cutting guide (must have!),

Here are examples of how I use my Cricut: pinwheel, vinyl word, favor toppers and paper flowers.

If you have any Cricut questions, leave a comment! I will answer to the best of my knowledge.


  1. I have been wanting to a Cricut for a while now-- great to see how you use yours!


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