Giveaway: Jewelry Crafting Goods

Woo-hoo! This is my birthday week. As promised, I'm giving away lots of goodies this week! There will be four giveaways (ending in a BIG giveaway on Friday)! Click 'read more' for directions on entering this giveaway.

 Remember the Styled by Tori Spelling campaign that I participated in awhile back? I saved LOTS of goodies to share with you. There are lots of easy-to-use components so you can whip out new jewelry in just a few minutes.
I saved that copper/green necklace bottom just for you guys. The more I look at it, the harder it is to part with. So treat her gently, will you?
She's a beaut. Also, I should say - the Styled by Tori Spelling lines really made me step outside of my jewelry comfort zone. I will forever be grateful. When I first saw that necklace bottom months ago, I was thinking, "Oh, that is too much for me. I'm prefer simple pieces." Not any more! These jewelry components are so affordable that I can take risks on statement pieces. So it pushed me to wear bigger, 'louder' jewelry. And guess what? I get so. many. compliments on my jewelry now. So I encourage you take a risk! You never know, you might find an inner diva (hehe). 

See the instructions below (on Rafflecopter) to enter this giveaway!

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  1. Awesome giveaway Katie.....beautiful stuff!!

  2. Awesome giveaway. LOVE this! Following along on GFC. Have a wonderful day!



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