DIY: Recycled Hanging Vase

Remember how this month is my birthday month and therefore, all about gifting, packaging and giving back? (Speaking of giving, check out my current Ikea giveaway!). I recently gifted a bouquet of wildflowers in a recycled, embellished tin can. Along those same lines, I decided to upcycle an old body wash tube to create a vase.
Click 'Read more' to see how to gift this sweet bouquet of flowers!

Supplies: body wash/lotion tube and wire (optional tools to help: hole punch, wire cutters, pliers, embellishments)
Step 1: Remove packaging from your body wash tube. 
Step 2: Cut the top of your tube off. You'll need to wash your tube out - get all of that soap out!
Step 3: Punch a hole on either side of your tube. 
Step 4: Thread your wire through one hole and twist to secure the end. (or secure using Step 6)
Step 5: Thread your wire through the other side, creating a loop to hang your vase. Get the loop looking how you want it because you are about to secure the loop.
Step 6: You could twist your wire again but I found this way to be prettier. I just looped the wire over itself once. 
Step 7: I wrapped wire around my tube several times to give it a finished, rustic look.
Step 8: Embellish your vase. Or not, you can leave it plan. But if you are giving as a gift, it might be nice to spruce it up a little. You know I can't resist embellishments...
I just LOVE those orange berry branches. But those suckers have some serious thorns on them - ouch!


  1. You are SO creative, Katie, it's silly! :)) Good work!

  2. those are real plants!? whoa that's amazing!! I LOVE this DIY because 1- it's adorable and sweet but 2- because you know me, I get upset over all that waste from shampoo bottles and such so this is just perfect!!


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