DIY: Printable Bookmarks

It's been so long since I made a printable! And I love printables. I love making them and I like using/drooling over other bloggers' printables. September is my birthday month so this month is all about gifting, packaging and partying! Yay! (Hint: Be on the lookout for a couple of big giveaways).

So I was thinking - how can you dress up books to give as gifts? I have a DIY about that coming soon to one of the blogs I write for (Henry Happened). That project got me thinking about using a bookmark in place of a note or card. A sort of lovely reminder of the gift-giver each time the recipient uses the bookmark. I recommend printing these on card stock.

Enjoy! I punched interesting corners on my bookmarks and ran string/ribbon through a hole at the top. 

Are you giving any gifts soon? If so, tell me what you are making/buying! 

P.S. The color of my printed aqua bookmark is more of a light blue because I have an old printer that doesn't handle blue-greens well. Anyone have a printer suggestion?


  1. This is so perfect. I love the simplicity behind this but enjoy how sentimental and thoughtful it is, too.

  2. Katie, these are so adorable! I agree, they are a great alternative to a card :) Thanks for sharing your printable!

  3. these are too cute! thanks for sharing. xo

  4. This is a great idea, really adding value by making a card into another gift related to the main gift. Thats just smart, good for you. Its got me thinking whether it would work for other gifts hmmm.

  5. Adorable, Katie! I just found your blog thanks to Shrimp Salad Circus. Would you be up for doing a tutorial sometime on how to post downloadables for your readers? I've been doing some research and have just gotten confused by saving things to a dropbox/host type site and then pasting it into your post. Or, if not a tutorial, I'd love any resources you could point me to. Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks, Stephanie! That's a good idea - I will think about doing a post on creating downloads!

  7. Hello! I randomly ended on this page and...I absolutely love love love this site! But then I have a question that might be...a abit dum but...what do I print these on? Surely normal paper is to "weak"...Ok let me know! Cheers!

  8. Thanks, Chrystelle! I am so glad you like my blog. I printed these on a light weight cardstock. If you go to your local Michaels, JoAnns or Hobby Lobby, they each have a scrapbooking paper section. In those sections you will find packs of colored (or white) cardstock for $3.99. That's what I used! :)

  9. These will come in handy. Thank you for sharing, it is really appreciated


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