Collection: Vintage Craft Supplies

I was recently digging through my sewing supplies and realized that a lot of the supplies I use are vintage. My grandma gave me all of these. I love the packaging colors. Plus it is sweet to think that she used these years ago and now I am.
The little green-topped container appears to be for Ford parts. But somehow it was in my grandma's sewing supplies. Maybe she had a Ford sewing machine back in the day...

Do you have any vintage supplies or tools? See my last post on my vintage supplies!


  1. After my grandma passed, I was the first one to organize her sewing/crafting bubble. I have a TON of her vintage supplies. A lot I will probably never use but I kept them for the gorgeous packaging or colors or typography or any little excuse I could think of! I might have to start documenting them :)

  2. OH MY GOSH!! What are the blue plier looking things?!? When my husbands grandma passed away 10 years ago I got her old sewing stuff, including a pair of those plier like thingys. I have NO clue what they are or how to use them, but I have kept them all these years hoping one day I would find out!!!

  3. Hey anon, I think those pliers are for setting eyelets!

  4. Thank you Thank you!!!! Now that I know WHAT they are I can try to figure out how to use them :)


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