Autumn Explorations: Week Four

Unfortunately, I did not get out of the house much this weekend. My husband and I wanted to go on a hike but he ended up having to work (and I'm a scaredy cat that won't hike alone). I took a walk around part of our neighborhood and realized - what's up with the mint green color on such functional objects? I sort of love the playfulness of mint combined with the functionality of these objects. 

What color are the fire hydrants where you live? I am trying to remember what color they are in Louisiana, where I am from. I want to say yellow but I can't really remember. 


  1. Oh wow mint green fire hydrants! That's so cool :D I've seen red and yellow in my area. I saw a different colored one awhile back but can't remember which color it was.. It was random haha.

  2. I was just in Boulder on Saturday for Firefly and NO JOKE I was driving around all afternoon thinking about how beautiful the fire hydrants were. I seriously almost stopped to Instagram it haha This is so funny. Great minds think alike. : )


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