Autumn Explorations: Week 3

This week, I decided to take a different route on one of my runs. I had to get my camera after my run and go back for photos. It's amazing what you notice when you are alert for photo ops. I found myself appreciating little bits of beauty in the neighborhood. 
Those stunning orange berries are the main reason I had to grab the camera. They are so vibrant and many of the stems are ombre! 
I edited this photo differently because the flowers were so nostalgic and light. I thought the photo deserved a bit of wistful editing. I gave it a whitewash effect and it feels wintry to me. I hate to jump ahead here...but I kind of love winter, too. Fall is still my favorite, but winter is pretty awesome.


  1. I love the colors in these pictures! autumn is surely the best from this pov!

  2. Stunning captures, love the fall berries!

  3. @Stephanie - I love the oranges, too! @Kristy - thank you!

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