Why It Works: Mixin' it Up

I'm really excited because today is the first blog post that ventures into fashion/style! Nancy, from Adore to Adorn, is here to help us with the first installment of Why It Works. 
Click 'Read more...' to see Nancy's breakdown on why this outfit works.

Styling yourself should not be a task taken too seriously. For me, the outfit is a mix and match of aesthetics that helps create an overall style. Here are a few reasons this outfit works:
  • Pairing preppy nautical stripes with an edgy moto-style vest
  • Mixing unconventional patterns like stripes and leopard
  • Popping color (and trends) into the look with pink shades and a neon green statement necklace
  • Balancing proportions to your body type (I hiked up the dress to go above the knee, rather than the midi length as it looks here, and chose the vest that hit me right around the waist vs. a cropped/over sized top)
  • Minimal accessories overall so the vibe is laid back and casual
What's your favorite part of the outfit?

You can follow Nancy on Twitter or Instagram (@missnancywong). 

Editor's note: I should add a caveat here - you can wear whatever you want, anything 'works' as far as personal style goes. That's what makes it personal, right? But I've heard lots of friends say they wish they could put outfits together in a more cohesive or creative way, so that's what this feature is about!


  1. Thank you SO much for choosing me to feature in this series!! So incredibly honored and humbled. =D


  2. This is adorable.....it works and looks so cute! :) Congrats on your first style post!!!

  3. @nancy - This was so fun! @Brooke - thank you!

  4. This is such a cute outfit - and adorable style blogger! :D

  5. aww she's adorable and I like the advice of the pattern mixing & preppy/not and seriously.... proportions are something bloggers usually straw away from to not offend but really is the difference between feeling confident or not.

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