Weekend Recap: Craft Space

I have been thinking about showing you my craft room but it is also the guest bedroom. So it isn't a 'cool' craft room like all the amazing ones on the Internetz. But it is mine, I am grateful for it and I bet many of you have similar small spaces. So I will post more complete photos soon. In the meantime, here are some shots from crafting with my sister this weekend...
I just love the soft, light out-of-focus look to those photos. But they are a little over-exposed. Unfortunately, I am always drawn to photos that are over-exposed. Someone break me of this habit!
Does that messy desk make you hyperventilate or does it feel right at home? My craft room is in a constant state of extreme messiness. I was paper crafting at the table this weekend while my sister made jewelry on the floor. I want need more space! Wouldn't a big industrial room full of tables be awesome?


  1. I'm a messy creative person too...well really, I just like everything out where I can see it lol~*


  2. Cute pictures!! Where is that ceramic ice cream cone from? My craft room "runneth over" with messes too....it's a good thing!

  3. @Tabitha - I picked the cone up at JoAnn's. They always have cute seasonal items that get marked WAY down at the end of the season.


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