Roundup: Pinwheels

Pinwheels are hot right now. You can use them in any way and it is cute. I love pinwheels! They are fun and since paper is inexpensive, it is a cheap way to spruce up...anything, really! I've rounded up some of my favorite pinwheel craft ideas here.
1 via Amusing // 2 via Style Me Pretty // 3 via Little Living Stone

As you know, I looove making paper rosettes. That's what I call these puppies (shown below). But apparently they can also be called accordion pinwheels. Did you know that? Maybe I'm the only one calling them rosettes (or maybe the name depends on how big they are or if they have the ribbon tails). If anyone wants to weigh in with an opinion, please enlighten me!
4 via Somewhere Splendid // 5 by Project Nursery // 6 by me!

7 via The Broke Ass Bride // 8 via The Proper Pinwheel // 9 via dobleufa (Spanish)

And of course, I had to include some big and bright pinwheels for party decor! I'm in charge of decor for a co-worker's going away party and I think some big pinwheels are in order...


  1. these look so much fun! I love them all and wouldn't know where to beging!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these! My Partner In Crime and I are going to go on a mission and find some beautiful paper to make the ones in #9 and decorate our little home! :)


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