Roundup: Jewelry Organizers

If you haven't been following my blog long, then you may not know that I used to make and sell jewelry (I still make some for fun!). Also, my paternal grandparents sold jewelry in the 80s. When they passed away, I received tons of costume jewelry. Before my grandma passed, she gave me some fine jewelry, as well.  So you can imagine how much jewelry I have. It's a bit ridiculous and requires smart storage solutions. There are so many ways to store jewelry - I'll go over some of my favorite storage tips. 
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1) If you have a lot of costume jewelry, the hanging organizer is probably the most efficient use of space. You can hang it in the closet and store SO much jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces)! The jewelry is easy to see and never tangles. I use a hanging organizer myself. 

2) If you only have a few jewelry pieces, a pretty trinket holder or jewelry dish will do the trick. The only catch to this style is it is not super effective for hanging necklaces. But it is perfect for rings!

3) I mostly wear necklaces on a daily basis so I have a pretty wall organizer that allows necklaces to hang their full length without tangling. A wall hanger means your jewelry is easily within reach for daily use. I wish I had this mint branch one! It is beautiful.

4) If you are traveling, I highly recommend a jewelry roll. This is a great way to keep your jewelry from tangling or getting loss. A jewelry roll also holds more pieces than you could wear in a week, which is perfect for traveling.

5) For fine jewelry and earring studs, I recommend a lined jewelry box. Jewelry boxes keep your nice pieces in a controlled, safe environment. And you really don't want to lose your grandmother's diamond earrings because you tossed them in a dish somewhere, right? :)

I basically utilize all of these options because I am a hoarder have inherited so many fun pieces. Which type of storage do use most? Did I forget a storage solution that you love?

Stay tuned for a roundup of DIY jewelry organizers later this week...

This post is sponsored by Anjolee, a fine jewelry manufacturer (with beautiful pieces!). Feel free to drool all over your keyboard when you browse their diamond jewelry. All content was 100% written by me. 


  1. I love the jackalope jewelry holder! So cute! This is perfect timing for this post as I am currently getting into wearing jewelry :) Thanks!

  2. I love jackalope, too, it's fantastic! the branches look amazing, too!

  3. That mint branch hanger is awesome!

  4. I may need to get the hanging organizer soon, I am getting/making way to many necklaces and bracelets!

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