Inspired Color: Pink & Grey

Although I don't just love pink, I think these particular colors are really pretty. The nautical print seems like a faded red and the birds look hot pink. Yet the two colors look remarkably similar in this context. I think this pink/grey combo is perfect for home decor. It feel fresh and classic at the same time. 

What do you think about the combo? Would you use it in your home?


  1. I don't think I could use pink in my home! My high school bedroom was pink and now I am more of a neutral girl myself :)


  2. I love pink and grey...obviously since my branding has both of those colors :) I don't know that my husband would necessarily let me bring too much pink into our home, but I am definitely using it when I get my own office/studio/woman cave someday!


  3. Love! Yes, for my craft room. My husband and I gave an agreement that I can decorate that however I want.

  4. For some reason, the pink on grey makes me think "food". I'd have this in my kitchen.


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