Inspiration: My Brother

Photo by Tamulong64, edited by me

You guys. You don't know this, but my brother (Jarrett Guthrie) is a bit of a writer. A good one. He recently started a blog, Fuzzy's Continuum, where he posts episodes of entertaining short stories. One of his stories is called "Honeyslinger." The premise is this: The government is rationing sugar in an effort to regulate sugar intake. Around the same time the ration began, marijuana was legalized.

This is one my fave lines (from Episode 2):
 "Bongs and coffee shops with hash rolls were everywhere, but now what they really wanted was a cookie."
I am really enjoying the episodes so far. I hope you do too! Go give him some love - here are the links to Eps 1&2.


  1. You have such talent in your family! =)
    On another note...can I ask where you got your font for this post? Love it!


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