We (husband and I) finally got a new camera. It's a Canon T4i and I'm in loooove. I have been wanting a new camera forever and I feel like we've been saving for years. In reality, we've only been saving for a few months, but still. 
My sister and I played around with the camera for awhile. We fought hard to get a few good photos. We had no idea what we were doing. Plus it was lunch time and we were hungry, which equals grumpiness (hungry-grumps run in our family). So I hope you appreciate the sweat, tears and quick tempers that went into the making of these photos. Isn't that ironic, considering how light and airy they are?
Isn't that jar the coolest? It's a recent thrift find. I will post more about my finds soon. Also, outfit details: dress- boutique in Louisiana, tank- Target, necklace- Styled by Tori Spelling, sunglasses- my sister's.


  1. i've never in my entire twenty three years heard of any one else using the term "hungry-grumps". i was so excited when i saw that was the title of this post! ^_^


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