DIY: Watercolor Adhesive Tape

I'm kind of pumped about this project. It is really easy and looks awesome! Remember the other day, when I posted this card, with the green/yellow watercolor ribbon? 
Want to see the three easy steps to make your own watercolor adhesive tape? Click 'Read more..."

The only supplies you need are: scrap paper, First Aid adhesive tape (less than $2/roll!) and alcohol inks. I use Tim Ranger Alcohol Inks (colors used today: Lettuce/Cranberry/Eggplant & Stream/Butterscotch ). 

Step 1: Cut off a piece of tape and gently stick it on a piece of scrap paper. Don't push it down, just lay it down on your scrap paper - some parts will lightly stick, other parts won't - don't worry about it. You don't want it to really stick to your scrap paper because it will never come up!
Step 2: Drop/smear one of your alcohol inks onto the tape in a random fashion.
Step 3: Add other colors, as many as you'd like. You can see that the ink will pool up if you use too much. This leaves behind little saturated water marks. If you do drop too much ink, you can quickly soak it up with a sponge or cloth (something you can throw away).
So, I made a few color combinations and stuck them on a piece of wax paper to use later. I don't know how long this tape will last on wax paper but when I used it hours later, it stuck firmly to paper (like, you better get it in the right spot the first time!). 

Go crazy! Try as many color combos as you'd like - it's an inexpensive project. And really fun. :) If you don't have alcohol inks, I wonder if tie dye ink would work?


  1. what a smart idea. Love this DIY

  2. So cool! Your blog is so beautiful, and this DIY is so clever!
    I nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger award - stop by my blog to check it out!

  3. try sticking it on cooking parchment paper to do the inking, and storage before you use it! They are beautiful!

  4. Really love this idea Katie...great way to create the exact color you need and love how the colors blend softly together!

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