DIY: Mini Canvas Art - Floral

Welcome to mini canvas art week! If you haven't been following along, here are the previous mini canvas posts: mirror // chipboard // ink.
As with most mini canvas projects, this is super easy and very satisfying. I love projects that only take minutes to make but are such a happy addition to a space. Click 'read more' to see the tutorial!
Supplies: SO SIMPLE. It's ridiculous. You need a mini canvas, fake flower (big petals are easy to work with) and glue (I used hot glue).

Step 1: Take apart your flower.
Step 2: Glue one of the petal sections onto the canvas, covering as many corners as you can and wrapping around to the back of the frame.
Step 3: Then glue the other petal section down by gluing the center and a little dab on the petals. You want to leave the ends of the petals curled up.
Step 4: Glue the center of the flower (the 'stigma') down. 

You are done! So easy!


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