DIY: Mini Canvas Art - Chipboard

Well, it is day three of mini canvas art week. And I'm here with my second project. This one is even easier than the first! And I LOVE the results. Like, with my whole heart. 
I can't think of an easier way to make little gifts for someone. Or an awesome tiny piece of art to hang over your light switch! I just imagine that to be a cute place for one so now I think that's where I will hang these! Click 'read more' to see the tutorial.

Step 1: Prep your canvas with ink - I used Tim Holtz distress ink. It looks really good on canvas.
Step 2: Layer your heart out with this ink. I used two different inks, then blended and rubbed until I was satisfied.
Step 3: Ink the edges of your canvas for an aged and 'finished' look.
Step 4: Add a cute piece of chipboard scrapbooking elements. I am enamored with Crate Paper's 'Story Teller' chipboard set, which you can purchase in several places, like here and here. The chipboard pieces are adhesive so I would rub them on my shirt to remove some of the tackiness and then hot glue them down. 

I finished my canvas off with a coat Mod Podge and I was too impatient to wait for the ink to dry first. So this image directly above is pre-Mod Podge. The first image in the post is post-Mod Podge. I actually love how the Mod Podge smeared the ink around! 


  1. oh, gorgeously lovely work! keep it coming!!


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