DIY: Medallion Necklace

A few weekends ago, I made a fun medallion necklace out of basic supplies. I bet you already have most of the supplies you need!
Click 'Read more' to see exactly what you need and how easy this is!
Supplies: Wooden medallions (I got mine from the wood section at Michael's- around $2 for a pack of two), acrylic paint, hot glue, paperclip and chain (or ribbon)
Step 1: Paint both sides of your medallion with your main color choice, alternately letting each side dry (I find that 20-30 min is usually enough drying time for little projects like this). 
Step 2: Using a small paintbrush, paint some of the medallion's details with a complementary color. 
Step 3: Hot glue a paperclip to the back of your medallion, leave a little bit of the clip sticking up.
Steps 4&5: I added a jump-ring to my paperclip so the medallion would hang flat on the chain. This is optional but does make a big difference. If you don't have some type of little ring lying around, you can make one out of another paperclip!
String your medallion on a chain or ribbon and you are done! Easy, huh? I really like the look of gold and cream together...


  1. That turned out beautiful! I love it!!

  2. That is really pretty, and such a simple idea! I will definitely be trying this!

  3. SO pretty and looks super easy! I love your skirt too.....did you make that?

  4. @Brooke, thank you! I think you are overestimating my crafting abilities, haha! I didn't make that skirt- thrifted for $1!

  5. The paperclip idea is inspired. I have so many pendant ideas and am often stumped by the whole stringing issue. This is simple and clever, thanks.

  6. So cute and so easy!! My favorite types of ideas :).

  7. super simple! I love it and yes, I do already have most of the supplies!

  8. Very cool idea! This is perfect for any age...hello...what a great project for a girly party :~) Love that it uses everyday items!

  9. That is so charming! I actually have one those wood medallions in my crafting stash. I thought it was pretty, but never figured out what to do with it. LOL
    Thanks for the inspiration

  10. @crapatcrafts Thank you! It actually took awhile to think of the paperclip, ha!

    @LimeRiot, @Stephanie, @Jen, @Kristy - thank you!

    @Kristy - now ya know, haha!

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