Currently Crafting: Origami Dino Giftwrap

I found these Dymo labels for .99cents at Goodwill. I knew they were some type of tape for a label maker but the package doesn't give a lot of info. After a quick Internet search, I think they are 3D embossing tapes. They are really thick and vibrant.
Their thickness is perfect for easily cutting triangles and they are adhesive so - bam! Easy gift wrap in seconds. 
I think I've found my new go-to male gift wrap. Or female gift wrap, for that matter. You could cover half a gift in triangles - that would look awesome! I might do that... [half an hour later]...
Okay, I did it. I put the post on hold to add more triangles. And what did I get? An origami dinosaur.
Now who wouldn't want an origami dinosaur on their present? That's what I thought. :) See, this is how crafting works. You start with a smidgen of an idea and let it run free. I mean, you can start with a full idea and that is fun, too. But it is so relaxing to just let the creativity come. What kind of crafting do you prefer? Planned or spontaneous?


  1. Cute! Those are definitely for those clicky letter label makers, I remember stealing my dad's when I was little and labeling everything!

  2. those triangles look so cute! and there are so many things you can do with them, plus they're very trendy now :)

  3. i love what you've done with these katie - it reminds me of grade 6 geometry ;)

  4. @kira - I love label makers! @stephanie- thank you! I am really into the geometric trend these days. @patience - thanks, girl!

  5. Dinosaur will still remain alive with this great DIY. It’s simply the great one. The adhesives have directly and indirectly played the role with its features in sticking to the surface giving a unique look after the cut. The color combinations are to a remark.


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