Collection: Vintage Craft Supplies

So I recently thrifted some awesome jars that contain wooden beads (for .10 cents each!!). I'm guessing these treasures are from the 70s. Isn't that mayo jar top fantastic? I'm in love. 
I should probably use these beads but I can't bring myself to do it...yet. When I was photographing these, I realized something. I have a lot of vintage craft supplies, only some of which I actually use. So I am starting a new feature where I show off my vintage craft supplies! Or show some vintage craft supplies that I am pining for. 

You guys can thank my grandma for this feature - she keeps me stocked with vintage supplies. She used to own a crafty biz back in the day and all of her supplies sit in a shed (two sheds, actually) in her yard. I really should have taken advantage of that when I lived closer to her. 

What kind of things do you collect? I wanna see your collections!


  1. So neat! My favourite thing about vintage items is thinking about all the people who have used these old things :)

  2. Simply lovely! I can't say enough about your's stunning! :) Love your post!

  3. I really like this idea about using vintage pieces to create new ones! My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago and when we were going through her stuff I realized just how much nice costume jewelry she had! No one else wanted it so I've been using it ever since! I'm really looking forward to seeing the stuff you have and what you use it for. And I agree about your photography - pics look great!!!


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