Co-worker Gift: Tin O' Flowers

One of my co-workers just had a birthday. I wanted to get her a little something but I couldn't think of anything good. Then it hit me - a little flower arrangement! I've been saving tin cans for such a time as this. 
One problem - I need flowers. Well, my apartment complex has two huge flower beds full of domestic (is that the right word?) and wild flowers. The trend around here is to have very full, less cultivated flower gardens. I love this.
So the point is - I stole borrowed some flowers from one of the beds (I promise - there are a million flowers, the bed is overflowing!). I might have also snipped some lavender sprigs from the edge of someone's yard. It was the edge, you guys! Basically on the side walk. As you can tell, I was living on the wild side last night. :)
So here is my little flower arrangement. The plain tin can looked a bit drab so I decided to spice it up with a strip of edge-punched paper (9.25 inches long!, I used this punch), some patterned scrapbook paper, washi tape and a little green Buddha. She will like the Buddha, I couldn't resist adding him.
I gotta say, I would be thrilled if a co-worker put a little flower arrangement on my desk. I might just make one for myself. If this trend continues, I daresay I will have to actually purchase flowers. :)

Also, The Mod Podge Giveaway winner is Laura, who is working on a baby quilt! More giveaways are coming in September, so stay tuned!


  1. So jealous that those are all growing like weeds in your apartment complex! Also I love the way you used the little Buddha! :D

  2. So love, so pretty.
    The humble tin, so under estimated.

  3. Lovin' the arrangement's bright summery colors!

  4. The lighting in these pictures is spectacular.

  5. @Trudie - thank you, I agree about the tin! @D - I thought you might like these. :)


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