Bites: Veggie Fried Rice

We are really trying to stick to our food budget this month. It's a tough scene because the kitchen and I aren't BFFs. But I am kind of proud of this meal. I didn't purchase anything special - I just used what we already had! Woot!
I love fried rice most of all the foods. Well, it's a strong contender with whole kernel corn (I'm obsessed with corn- I know, it's a strange food love). I've never made fried rice and I imagined it to be supremely difficult. Turns out, it's not! 

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The interesting piece of this dish is the mix of balsamic vinegar and teriyaki sauce. It doesn't sound like a great combo but it worked. I used two dashes of balsamic vinegar and three dashes of teriyaki sauce. I might have dropped a bit more sauce after tasting it at the end but I can't exactly remember. Just start with small amounts and work your way up through taste testing. Taste testing is the best part of cooking, right?

I realize corn is not generally in fried rice but we were out of eggs and, as you now know, I really love corn. I really recommend corn in your fried rice - it's yummy. Fresh corn would be even better but canned is what we had. 

So brown all the veggies and spices/sauces in the pan with a smidge of olive oil for about three minutes, throw your cooked rice in and simmer for three-five more minutes. That's it!

Overall, I give this meal 3 stars (on a 1-5 scale). It's solid but not the most delicious thing I've ever put in my mouth. For a made-up on the fly recipe, I'd say it's holding it's own. ;)

What is your favorite 'made-up-on-the-fly' meal?

P.S. Fried rice does not photograph well despite the yummy factor.


  1. Good for you. I love fried rice (and am a total non cook) but always slather it with Soy Sauce, ill give your version a try next time.

    Howevr, to be honest, I don't think you can beat a straight up sandwich for super fast tastiness. Boring but dependable :)

  2. @crapatcrafts Sammies are my absolute favorite!

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