Autumn Explorations: Week Two

Took a little neighborhood walk with my husband this weekend. Leaves are falling! Yay! I collected a few sprigs of purple/lavender flowers to make a tiny bouquet.
There are a lot of fall colors out now, even though the temps are still relatively high. Anyone know what that sort of white-ish anenome-looking plant is? There were a bunch of them clumped together.  They are so pretty! I searched for anenome flowers and this was the closest I could find - it's the seedhead of a Pasque flower.


  1. these are so pretty! I love your explorations :)

  2. Your photography is beautiful! I love fall!! I found you from the new FB group. I love your blog!!

  3. I am such an Autumn Gal, I can hardly wait for the season to come!

  4. autumn seems like a funny joke still over here in Phx but sounds like that's not the case elsewhere. Gorgeous pics!


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