Vacay Recap: Disney

Our vacation this year was to Disney World, with my husband and in-laws. I've never been to Disney so it was nice to cross that off the to-do list. Here's a little recap of the trip, Instagram style (mostly).
Click on this image for a larger view. It's a panoramic photo I took from the boardwalk at our resort. Really liked the boardwalk area. Feels like you are in a small town with big city amenities.

Downtown Disney: Worth walking around for an hour, got some yummy food. Lots of shops, not much to see. But there is a cool toy shop where you can build your own Mr/Mrs Potato Head or your own light saber. I was really wishing I was about 6 yrs old in that shop. :)

 Magic Kingdom: Really crowded. Yeah. But cool light/firework show at night. It was in Magic Kingdom that I learned Cracker Jacks no longer have cool surprises in them. No, I got presidential trivia...

Epcot: My fave park, by far. We ate in Japan - delish. Also got some fun souvenirs from Japan.

 Animal Kingdom: I vote this as the most photogenic park. We went to a really cool bird show here. We also had a magnificent buffet-style brunch in this park.

These are mostly miscellaneous because I can't remember which parks they are from. I know the first photo is from our resort. And the last photo (with Lady & The Tramp) is from Magic Kingdom. 

I'm about to make a little bitty scrapbook with my Instagram photos from this trip. Really excited about it!