Goodies from Japan

Check out my Japan goodies! Japan in Epcot, that is. I really wish we vacationed in Japan for reals but that didn't happen. I was happy at the little kawaii section in Epcot. I was also happy with the delicious food there. Yumsky.
Are you so pumped about those little matryoshka doll clips? Yeah, me too. How about the stationary that says, "I would like to travel somewhere unknown...until it gets dark." So cute. And yes, those are red riding hood stickers. She and the wolf are having dinner and it says, "Happy!" Haha. There were some red riding hood cards that said, "Little Red is being followed by a wolf." I laughed a lot at those but could only think sending someone that kind of card would make them paranoid, "What is Katie trying to say here?"


  1. Omg I love everything! Yes, I am definitely in love with the matryoshka doll clips! I need those! :)

    Cute items.
    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  2. Do you ave any clue how jealous I just got?!

  3. Do you also 'ave any idea how British I just got? 'Ello, guv-nah! haha

  4. I love Epcot! Very cute souvenirs.


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