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Hello, Lemon Jitters readers! I’m Dus (the blogger behind DusanaBotswana) and, obvious from my blog name, I’m not nearly as creative as Katie so I’m honored to be filling in for her while she’s hopefully protecting her skin in beach paradise (editor's note: I am! SPF 50).  I’ve been having “travel nostalgia” as I like to call it since “wanderlust” is about as overused in blog-land as air conditioning in Arizona… or as heels on a Saturday night, maybe that’s a better comparison. Or not… anyway, my five places are:

1.  San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. I lived in Mexico City last year and was extremely fortunate to visit quite a lot of amazing places but this ranks as my very favorite little town thus far. It sits perfectly in the mountains, is so picturesque and tranquil, and is near this completely amazing canon we visited.

2. Palenque, Mexico. Don’t be fooled by all the green in my pictures here, it's soo freakin' hot in that jungle! But hey, it’s a jungle, so at least there’s shade everywhere and you can buy coconuts and drink the juice right on the spot… 

3. San Sebastian, Spain. This is the first place Jonny and I visited on our month-long bus/train trip around Spain right before I returned for my junior year of college. I’m sure if/when we go back someday we’ll realize other cities are better, but it holds special memories and we loved the mix of beach, mountain, and greenery everywhere (also we look like BABIES in my old Spain posts - makes me feel old...).

4. My Venezuelan hubs would be crushed if I didn’t mention somewhere in his home-country, but fortunately I can honestly count this as one of my favorites- La Gran Sabana (“Great Plains”) region of Venezuela. While we skipped visiting the world’s highest waterfall because of budget restraints, we saw many other amazing falls and creeks and the scenery reminded me of the landscape in dinosaur-era movies. Know why? Jurrasic Park was filmed in an area right below us here. (editor's note: this is my favorite of Dusana's travel posts! I looove the photos - go check it out!).

5. Alpine, Arizona is a completely gorgeous and relaxing place all around, full of hiking trails and calm lakes. I also have many fond memories of summer trips to the cooler weather to hike and mountain bike with my dad and brother as a kid and I hope to visit again soon!
All photos by Dusana except these last two, via Alpine, AZ's website.

Thanks again for having me, Katie and thanks for bearing with me, Lemon Jitters readers! And if you have any favorite places, both local or afar, I'd love to hear about them, adding new places to my "to visit" list gives me thrills and I've hardly seen any of the US still.  

Thanks, Dusana! I love reading about your travels. 


  1. You've been so so many lovely places, Dus! I would love to visit any one of those.

    xx Adrian

  2. Beautiful pics esp of the waterfalls.......Keep them coming. Linda

  3. These are all so beautiful! I would love to visit that waterfall in Venezuela. I spent a few days in San Sebastian but aside from that have not seen any of these amazing places- embarrassingly enough even the one in Arizona :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. thanks for all the sweet comments everyone & thanks again for having me katie!


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