DIY: T-shirt Gift Wrap

This is so easy it almost doesn't deserve a tutorial. But there is one key piece of advice for this gift wrap... gotta use a big t-shirt sleeve. Step 1: Cut along the seam between the sleeve and body. Step 2: Open up the sleeve's seam. Now you have a wide but short piece of material to work with.
 Go ahead and tie your piece of material into a knot. Place the knot of top of your gift and pull the sides tight around the back of the gift.
If you are wrapping a big gift, that is okay! Just glue your knot somewhere fun and let the ends create a big, floppy look. Perfect. No go cut up all your old t-shirts!


  1. Cute idea! I have some tshirts I don't need anymore, so I might try this :) Unfortunately most of mine are gray or black. haha, oh well!

  2. That's pretty cute! Love the green on the kraft paper.

  3. This is an awesome idea! I have an unfortunately large collection of ratty old t-shirts that could work for this. YAY! I will say that I have had the hardest time finding butcher paper that is not sold in a beyond giant roll...

  4. Cute idea! If you stitched the back rather than gluing it maybe the bow could be used as a headwrap after the gift was opened


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