DIY: Paper Rosettes (with a scoring board)

Want to learn how to make awesome paper rosettes with a scoring board? It's really easy and fun! If you've been hanging around lately, you know that I am obsessed with paper rosettes right now. Of course you can buy rosettes in the scrapbooking section of a craft store. But then you have a very limited size and color selection. If you make them yourself, the sky is the limit. Plus, it is much cheaper to make them yourself. Ok, ready to see the steps? Click 'read more' ...

I use a Martha Stewart scoring board/bone folder and it is really easy to use. For this rosette, I used a 12in x 1.5 in strip of paper. I encourage you to go skinny and long for your first attempts - it is easier. Plus, if you are doing cards/scrapbooking/small crafts, dimensions similar to these will be perfect.

Step 1: Line your paper up on the scoring board. I find it easier to push it right up against the top. Step 2: Gently score your paper, using a bone folder. I even flip it over for a better score sometimes. I scored every .5 inch. Score wherever you'd like, keeping in mind that the further you space your scores, the larger your pleats will be.
Now, because I forgot to start this second set of photos with "Step 3", let's pretend we're at 1a now. (Indulge me, k? ;) ). 

Step 1a: After scoring the entire strip, begin folding - accordion style. 
Step 2a: Keep folding, you're almost done. :) 
Step 3: Glue te ends of your strip together. Pay attention to where you glue - you generally have to overlap your fold a bit so it maintains the flow. If both of your ends are on the 'up' part of a fold, it won't match up correctly. 
Step 4: Add hot glue to a spare piece of paper (a circle puncher is handy for this). 
Step 5: This is a little tricky. You have to flatten your circled strip into a rosette. You gently push the inside of the rosette down and quickly stick it on the glue. Hot glue really is best - or something that will instantly keep the rosette in place. 
Step 6: Tweak your folds (i.e sharpen those creases). A good thing to remember - you control how big your rosette is. I really could have made this rosette much wider, if I had spread it out when I was gluing the middle down. 
Add something pretty in the middle and you are done! It really is easy and fun - give it a go!


  1. Well, I must say that I have tried before those rosettes, whith not very beautiful results, but now...thanks !finally I´ve been able to see a finished one. really good tutorial♥
    XOXO Olga♥
    El tocador de Cenicienta

  2. These are adorable! I need to order a scoring board!

  3. Diane from DenverJuly 17, 2012 at 2:24 PM

    I ended up getting a scoring board for this very purpose, because I, too, am obsessed with paper rosettes now. I was glad to see your tutorial because it confirmed all the things I have figured out on my own, which is: longer and thinner to start out, reinforce the creases, and that it's a little difficult to put on the back circle and keep it in the actual center of the rosette. But I was glad to see I was doing it right!


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