DIY: Mini Canvas Art - Mirror

Today is the first project in a week long series about mini canvas art. I am really excited about the series! Mini canvases are awesome for beginner or advanced crafters. They are quick projects that do not require a lot of materials or equipment. However, if you have materials/equipment - yay! You can make your mini canvases as complex as you'd like.
Today's project is perfect for a co-worker gift or a little "Hey, I'm thinking of you" gift. We're going to make little mirrors, perfect for hanging in your office or car. Click 'read more' to see the tutorial.

Supplies: paper, glue, embellishments, mini canvas, mini mirror (I got both of these at JoAnns - here are mirrors and canvases for a good price on Amazon). Trust me, you'll want to buy these in multiples - I've got lots of mini art in store for you and it is so much fun!
Step 1: Paint your canvas.
Step 2: Cut 4 strips of paper and glue them to the edges of your mirror - gotta hide those rough edges!
Step 3: Play around with your design. I cut different papers and placed the mirror on top to make sure I liked the look. Then I glued it all down. 
Voila! You're all done. Aren't they fun and easy? 


  1. they look so pretty! you are so creative!

  2. How fun! my roommate would love this...I should make one for her birthday :)

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